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Google Play Movies 4.2 adds a bottom bar, elevates Watchlist, integrates Rotten Tomatoes

The latest update to Google Play Movies TV is widely rolling out with a bottom bar redesign that has been a long time coming for the Play family of apps. Meanwhile, scores from Rotten Tomatoes are integrated into every listing with version 4.2.

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Like many of Google’s apps, Play Movies is now the latest (via Android Police) to adopt a bottom bar. Three tabs provide quick access to Home, Library, and Watchlist. The two former sections were found in the app’s previous navigation drawer, but the latter is a new addition.

Previously located as a tab in Library (or as an app shortcut), Watchlist now gets central billing. This list of your saved movies and TV shows is much more useful than the Shop shortcut that opens the corresponding Play Store category.

The navigation drawer still remains in this new design, but only houses the Downloaded only mode, Settings, and Help feedback. Meanwhile, with this update, Play Music is now the last app in that family (Books, Newsstand, Games) to not use a bottom bar.

Play Movies 4.1 Play Movies 4.1 Play Movies 4.2 Play Movies 4.2

This update also adds Rotten Tomatoes scores to every movie listing. This

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