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Public television is an Idaho gem worth sustaining with federal government support

Once again, the Trump administration has proposed drastic cuts to noncommercial public media with its 2019 request. The president’s plan proposes to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting at $15 million, a 97 percent reduction. The cutback at CPB would impact all PBS and NPR stations nationally and is approximately one one-hundredth of 1 percent of the president’s $4.4 trillion budget (think 12 zeroes).

Idaho Public Television has an annual budget of $9 million of which $3 million comes from the state general fund. That includes $1.5 million allocated from the CPB, and the balance of about $4.5 million comes from contributions from Idaho residents and grants. Under the president’s proposed budget, Idaho’s public TV station stands to lose $1.5 million. Elimination of $1.5 million of base funding from CPB weakens the sustainability of IdahoPTV as we know it today. What are we risking?

Idaho Public Television supports Idaho’s citizens in significant ways. It reaches nearly 100 percent of Idaho’s population, even its rural areas that have minimal connectivity. It is often the most-watched PBS station per capita in the nation with approximately 450,000 weekly viewers. That’s 27 percent of Idaho’s population. IdahoPTV is one of the most efficient and effective educational resources for preschool to high school levels, serving schools from rural to urban settings. Programs are keyed to state curriculum, and there are more than 200,000 free resources available for Idaho’s public, private, and home school teachers and students at all levels. These educational programs are so important and well-received that IdahoPTV started a dedicated 24-7 channel recently called the Idaho PBS KIDS Channel.

The station also has implemented an array of educational outreach activities for children in local communities, especially in rural areas with events at public libraries, STEM camps and coding workshops. Idaho public school teachers are benefiting

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