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Blu-ray Review: Is The New LEGO Flash Movie The Best Justice League Blu-ray Released Today?

“What’s this I hear about a Snyder cut?”

When LEGO first started collaborating with DC superheroes for direct-to-video movies, they initially played like old episodes of Super Friends. The familiar heroes in PG-safe adventures, rarely taking self-aware advantage of the whole LEGO conceit specifically. But as the first one featuring the core Justice League heroes (there’s also a Super Hero Girls one, but that’s practically a different property) to open since The LEGO Batman Movie made over $311 worldwide, LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash feels like it’s taking a slightly different turn. It’s not just that it’s more comedic–the bulk of the plot is basically Groundhog Day if it starred The Flash–but also the concept of LEGO bricks is more integral to the plot, and the usual slick CG is starting to get more textured and closer to looking like actual real-world LEGO, as it does in the theatrical movies.

It seems like a confusing bit of synergy to release this to Blu-ray on the same day as the live-action Justice League, but the calculation may be that kids are most likely to gravitate to Ezra Miller’s Flash, and will want more. And while the continuities are quite different, LEGO’s Flash, voiced by the ever-versatile James Arnold Taylor, is essentially the same cocky but inexperienced kid. If there’s bonus synergy because after seeing this, kids may learn there’s also a Flash on TV every week, well, that’s a bonus for DC and WB.

The Flash also leans heavily on The Atom (Eric Bauza), which may be a way of preempting the Ant-Man movie sequel by reminding kids that DC has a shrinking hero too. Initially, the movie even appears to be the Atom’s story, as it begins with Ray Palmer’s alter-ego being show around the Hall of

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