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New Books Revive The Cold Cases Of Agatha Christie And The Golden State Killer

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

A Mysterious Life

by Laura Thompson

Hardcover, 534 pages |


Both of the books I’m recommending today are each, in their own ways, about cold cases.

After all, what could be colder than the mysteries surrounding the life of that pre-eminent Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie? Christie, by some calculations, is the second best-selling author of all time (beaten by a hair by Shakespeare). She was a resolutely private person and, so, has teased the legion of biographers who have been chipping away at her sphinxlike silence ever since she died in 1976.

Surely, by now, you’d think there’s nothing more to discover. But as every dedicated mystery reader knows, a gifted investigator sees what most of us mere mortals are blind to.

Christie biographer Laura Thompson not only sees Christie’s life more lucidly, but she’s had a lot more material to peruse — letters and scraps of personal writing tucked into drawers and suitcases at Christie’s beloved house in Devon. Thompson was also able to interview family members, including Christie’s daughter Rosalind, before her death.

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The resulting triumph of a biography, called Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life, was published a little over

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