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Shakespeare and Company is Coming Back to the West Side and the Village

“The popular presumption was that independent booksellers were a thing of the past, some vestige of a different time and place,” said Oren Teicher, chief executive of the A.B.A. “It was inaccurate as a depiction then as now, but it’s pretty difficult to convince people otherwise.” The number of A.B.A. member bookstores has risen steadily for the seventh year in a row, and their sales are up.

“In New York, it was never about attracting the customers but about the landlords who kept raising the rent,” Mr. Teicher said. “Independent bookstores play a vital role in communities. There’s a passion and a knowledge about putting the right book into the customer’s hand, and it’s something we do far better than anyone else.”


Meg Ryan (left) and Heather Burns starred in “You’ve Got Mail,” about a bookstore that is forced to close when a chain store comes to the neighborhood.

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“The most fun part of being a bookseller is hand-selling people things they didn’t know they needed,” said Emma Straub, a best-selling novelist

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