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5 Netflix and chill night snacks that beat movie theater popcorn any day

I don’t go to the movies anymore. With a baby and more streaming content than I could possibly watch in a lifetime, I rarely feel the need to head to the local cinema and shell out $14. Netflix and chill, am I right?

The one thing I do miss about the theater: the snacks. Fun things to eat in the dark with my hands.

Fortunately, this is not something limited to movie theaters! Save your money on the expensive ticket and use it to make your own, much better snacks. Grab your blanket, bae, baby, dog or cat, and stretch out on the couch. Eat. Watch. Enjoy.

Stuffed Dates, above. These are sweet, savory and filling, not to mention date-night classy. Regular Stilton is a standout here, but if blue cheeses are too intense for you, Trader Joe’s sells a white Stilton with apricots that we also tried and liked. Many of the good dates you can buy (I like Medjool for stuffing) need to be pitted. My preferred method is to use a small paring knife to slit the date down the middle and then pull the pit out with my fingers.

Dark Chocolate Drizzled Popcornleft, and Garlic Ghee Popcorn. Movie night demands popcorn. Follow the popping directions in these recipes, or try popping in the microwave. Then top accordingly. Ghee used to be harder to find, limited to Indian groceries or specialty stores, but these days I’m even seeing it in my local Safeway.

Baba Ghanouj. You don’t need a gloppy

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