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The best free ebook converters 2018: enjoy your books on any device

If you’re an avid reader and don’t want to be tied to a particular platform, you’ll need a tool to convert your ebooks to different formats. Truly excellent free ebook converters are hard to come by, so we’ve rounded up the very best.

These free ebook converters will handle all common formats – PDF to Mobi, Kindle to Epub, Epub to Mobi, and virtually any other combination you might need.

First, a note on DRM (digital rights management). Many ebooks are protected by DRM, and removing it is typically against the vendor’s terms of service. It’s a system designed to prevent unauthorized copying and sharing (you can lend some Kindle books to friends for two weeks, but not all titles are eligible).

That’s a good idea in principle, but it also prevents you archiving books or reading them on a different device. It also means that, if the vendor ever disappears, your library will vanish too.

Bear in mind that downloading or sharing unauthorized copies of ebooks is a violation of copyright. Even if the original text is in the public domain (the works of Shakespeare, for example), the book is usually classed as a separate thing. You bought your ebooks, so be stingy and just enjoy them yourself!

1. Any eBook Converter

Powerful and flexible – easily the best free ebook converter around

Any eBook Converter looks great – smart and uncluttered – and it’s packed with features you’d usually expect to pay for. It lets you convert to Epub, Mobi, Kindle, PDF and TXT formats, so there’s something for your preferred reader or app. It also removes DRM automatically.

The software will check your PC for Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions and Nook ebooks automatically, saving you the effort of importing them. Alternatively,

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