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A music video veteran takes over for Danny Boyle on this week’s …

Photo: Philippe Antontello (FX)

Dawn Shadforth, the director of the fourth episode of Trust and the first director on the show not named Danny Boyle, is not a household name—not even necessarily in households that know an inordinate amount about TV directors. Aficionados of British music videos might know her as a twenty-year veteran of the form, although I confess my longtime fandom of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Los Campesinos!, and Slow Club did not make me any more familiar with her work (she did do a video for the later-period Oasis tune “The Importance Of Being Idle,” which I only just saw after looking her up, as well as a recent video for some act called The Moonlandingz, whose track in question features Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club). So many directors go into TV or features from music videos that it feels unusual to encounter one whose work has been nearly exclusive to the shorter form for a full career. It’s worth noting, too, how many male directors have parlayed a far less storied career making music videos (I think the kids and the people pretending to be kids now call them “visuals”?) into feature films far faster than it took for Shadforth to do a couple of Trust episodes.

“That’s All Folks,” the first of her two episodes (she did next week’s installment too), focuses primarily on Paul Getty’s kidnappers: Primo, first seen in the previous episode; the uncle and associates Primo brings into his scheme semi-haphazardly; and the henchmen who help Primo look after Paul. One of the simplest and most interesting scenes in the series so far involves the strange practice of Primo and his cohorts

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