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Journalist Al Muzer, a champion of Jersey music, has died


The foundation raises money to support youth music programs throughout Asbury Park
Brian Johnston

Al Muzer, a long-time beacon of support for Jersey bands, passed away April 11, 2018 at the Veterans Affair  New Jersey Health Care System in East Orange.

He was 60. His heart and lungs failed due to a sudden unknown illness, said Camille Thomas, his significant other for 27 years. 

Muzer’s reviews and stories in the Aquarian Weekly, East Coast Rocker, Music Paper and more in the ‘90s and ‘00s gave hundreds of musicians and bands a moment in the spotlight, and did much to define the music scene at the time.

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“I had never met anyone who was a bigger champion of music,” said Michele Amabile, disc jockey for 107.1 The Boss (WWZY-FM) in Long Branch and a correspondent for Variety. “When he loved a band he really gave them love with every word in his review. You felt like you heard the music in his reviews. He painted the sound so well with his worlds.”

Muzer was a native of Monroe and a long time Toms River resident. He served in the Army, including a tour in the Sinai, and his duties included specializing as an illustrator and photo journalist.

He was a manager of the Fast Lane nightclub in Asbury Park before entering music journalism and publicity.

“Everybody respected his reviews,” said Lenny “Lounge”

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