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Ranking Syracuse’s 2018 home games by entertainment value

Spring football is over for the Syracuse Orange. But in the lead-up to the 2018 season, there will still be several pieces of news that help power us through the rest of the long break before kickoff.

One of those is the availability of single-game tickets, which coincidentally go on sale tomorrow:

Now obviously Syracuse’s season tickets are among the cheapest around, going for as low as $99 per seat for the full slate. For those that are only looking to attend one game, though, single-game tickets are still an option, at various (albeit similar) price points.

If you’re trying to decide which Orange home game to attend this fall, we created this guide to help that task. Each game is ranked by the very subjective measure of “entertainment value,” rather than price, since the monetary difference from game-to-game isn’t very large. Tickets are on sale starting Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET.

1. North Carolina Tar Heels (October 20)

This isn’t the most likely win, but UNC plays with tempo, will be recovering from injuries, and is a good barometer for Syracuse to see just how ready they are to leap up to bowl eligibility this year. The mid-to-late October timeframe should also help the stakes. It’s highly unlikely (even in a worst-case) that bowl hopes are already dead at this point, so you’ll get a competitive game — and hopefully a victory to go with it.

2. Connecticut Huskies (September 22)

A much more likely win than UNC, which could hurt the entertainment value for some visitors looking for something a bit more competitive to watch. Still, UConn hung with us last time we played at PAWS ARF, and there’s collective animosity left between the schools, even if that doesn’t necessarily apply to the football

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