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21 books you need to read this spring

Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: time to shake yourself out of hibernation and bust out that spring reading.

But with so many great books coming out in 2018, it can be hard to figure out just which ones you should pick up.

Don’t worry though — The MashReads Podcast has got you covered.

This week on the MashReads Podcast, we are joined by Cristina Arreola, books editor at Bustle, to chat about spring reading. Join us in the episode below as we talk about the books we’ve read recently, the books that’ve been on our spring reading wishlist, the classic books we’ve been revisiting, and the upcoming books you need to know about.

Here’s the podcast — read on for our list of 21 books you should check out this spring further down the page.

 As always, we close the show with recommendations:

  • Martha recommends Kali Uchis’ new album Isolation. “I feel like it got lost in the Cardi B / Drake wave that happened. Her music is just this beautiful fusion of a bunch of different genres like jazz, pop, rock, and her voice is wonderful, and the features that are on the album are fantastic. You have everyone from Jorga Smith to Tyler, the Creator to Steve Lacy. It’s just a perfect album to anticipate spring and summer with.”

  • Cristina recommends Radiolab’s “Border Trilogy,” a three part series on the border U.S./ Mexico border. “If you’re interested at all in the immigration debate, this series a really good primer and delves deep into it.” She also recommends Francisco Cantú’s The Line Becomes A River, a memoir about Cantú’s experience growing up on the border and working as a border agent. “It’s just

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