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The top 10 Arctic Monkeys music videos

Not content with stealing the musical spotlight from anyone who dares tread near them, Arctic Monkeys are a dab hand behind the camera too. The launch of new Monkeys video has become a cultural event all of its own – hardly surprising, given the blockbuster spectacle of the majority of them.

Because we’re gluttons for punishment, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to whittle down the band’s 27 (!) videos to a trim selection of the ten very best. From gritty Northern English storytelling to pure glam-rock excess, via spooky goings-on and a whole lotta Helders – here’s the very best of Arctic Monkeys’ impeccable music videos.

  1. One For The Road

May as well start this one off weird, right? Like Mad Maxmeets-yer grandad, Monkeys guitarist Jamie Cook drag races tractors around a seemingly abandoned farm, before hopping off to tear the place down with his bandmates, fireworks, models and all. Perfectly fusing ‘AM’’s American swagger with the English countryside of their home, it’s Arctic Monkeys at their bonkers, brilliant best.

  1. R U Mine

Another ‘AM’ belter, and a complete stylistic heel-turn of a video – this NME Award-winning clip features the lads out on the town, settling into the big-time rockstar shoes that their fifth album broke in. Self-shot by the band, it’s as stripped back and in-your-face as the album ‘R U Mine’ features on. Going for a joyride with a bunch of Sheffield scallies never looked so cool.

  1. Leave Before The Lights Come On

Taking the song’s lyrical tale of a one-night stand and flipping it on its head, swapping horny clubgoers for desperate middle-agers, the Monkeys’ ‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’ video harbours the same eerie, silent quality as Radiohead’s iconic

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