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A Definitive Sampling of All the Harry-and-Meghan Television Specials

The ballads of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are cascading through the cable box, with each prenuptial TV special fulfilling the purposes of capsule history, pop-cultural analysis, and commemorative tea towel. Friday night, on Fox, “Meghan Markle: An American Princess” spent two hours distinguishing itself as the brassiest among them: the most invigoratingly trashy, the most mischievous, the glitziest. A small gallery of authorities—“royal correspondents,” “etiquette experts,” “former butlers,” and so on—populate these shows, but only Fox has a graphics team that sets their names and occupations to sparkle onscreen, like cutlery glinting in candlelight.

Only Fox gathered the wisdom of two “body language experts,” one of whom approvingly evaluated the “thumb clamp” in the handshake of the bride-to-be. (“It’s almost like a hug.”) Only Fox allowed Markle’s half sister Samantha to complain that she had not been invited to the wedding, and to do so in language snide enough to convince viewers that the omission was perfectly just. (Samantha was also the one who urged their father to stage paparazzi photos of himself in recent weeks, before he announced that he would not be attending the wedding.) Only Fox invited the journalist Piers Morgan to reminisce about meeting Markle for a drink in a pub. “There was a moment when she started looking at her phone,” Morgan said. “That was almost certainly Prince Harry.” Almost certainly. (Such behavior is also extremely common among those who no longer wish to be having drinks with Piers Morgan.)

If the Fox show sounds insufficiently serious for your tastes, then tune into BBC America on Tuesday night for “Harry Meghan: A Very Modern Romance.” It’s free of froth, brutally respectable. All of these specials indicate that the bride and groom share a sense of philanthropic mission and social purpose, but

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