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Tired of blockbusters? Ethan Hawke has 3 indie movies for you this summer

Actor and filmmaker Ethan Hawke boasts a long and storied career in television, film and theater.

This year, Hawke has once again stepped onto the big screen for not just one, but three movies: a romantic comedy called “Juliet, Naked”; a music biography called “Blaze”; and the drama, “First Reformed.”

“First Reformed,” directed by Paul Schrader, stars Hawke as a former military chaplain.

Hawke’s character is both physically ill and haunted by the psychological scars of having encouraged his son to join the military, only to be killed in action in the Middle East. When Hawke’s character  finds himself unable to offer counsel to a man convinced that man-made climate change will destroy the Earth, it prompts a world-changing crisis of faith.

Hawke’s performance in the role exemplifies how he approaches each role he takes:

I’m interpreting Reverend Toller for you, so that I can spend several months thinking about this guy and you can spend 90 minutes and walk away with everything I learned and how it applies to your life.

John Horn sat down with the Oscar-nominated actor to discuss his three new movies, as well as his preference for theater and independent films.

Hawke debuted both “Juliet, Naked” and his music biopic, “Blaze” (about the late country singer, Blaze Foley), at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and they’ll be out later this summer. “First Reformed” arrives in theaters on May 18. 

Interview Highlights

On independent films and the need to always be working:

There’s a lot of independent films where they won’t pay you. It’s never been easier to make a movie and it’s never been harder to get it released. So more and more there’s this thing that’s happening in the industry where they want you to act in a movie and the script might be great or not [and], By the way — we’re not

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