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Chance The Rapper Has Terrible Taste In Movies

Look, the Donald Trump thing was bad. But we can get past that. After Chance attempted to defend his friend and collaborator Kanye West on Twitter, Donald Trump thanked Chance. Chance had to back his way out of that one as quickly as possible, and he did it, apologizing for letting himself be used by Trump and his cronies. That’s what Trump does; he seizes on anything that could even loosely be considered an endorsement, and he takes off running with it. Plenty of good people have fallen into that trap.

But on the other hand, I don’t know if I can get past Chance The Rapper’s taste in movies. Chance shared a list of his favorite movies on Twitter this morning, and it is both deeply random and truly abysmal. It’s like Chance only watches movies on DVDs that he bought at yard sales and thrift stores. It’s like he thinks the pinnacle of art is the B-level mid-’00s comedy flop. Let’s get into it.

We can give him this one. Holes is a children’s movie that came out in 2003. Shia LaBoeuf was in it when he was just getting famous. So were Jon Voigt and Sigourney Weaver and Tim Blake Nelson and Henry Winkler. As someone who was not a child in 2003, I’ve never seen it. But Chance was a child in 2003. The trailer looks fucking horrible, but maybe the movie is good. Or maybe it’s a matter of childhood attachment to a terrible movie, like me with Ernest Goes To Camp, which is also perfectly acceptable.

Here’s where things fall right off a fucking cliff. The

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