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‘Expanded Vision 2018’ turns to classic photography with some stunning works

Photography has always been about capturing a moment in time.

But with the advent of digital photography, photo artists began exploring special effects and digital editing. Much time was put into post production.

That experimentation was evident in the Expanded Visions photography show that the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival sponsored every year.

But this year, Shauna Frischkorn, who oversees the show and is one of the judges, noticed a change.


‘Morning Fog’ by Dennis Seibert

Classic art photography has made a comeback.

“There were a lot of the images of architecture with natural light and windows, a lot of landscapes this year. And travel photographs were nice to see,” says Frischkorn, who is professor of photography at Millersville University.

“Very few artists did a lot of photoshopping or special effects or post production.”

Frischkorn has seen trends come and go in photography and has been noticing a push back toward more traditional photography.

“In the past, in order to do montages or special effects, you really had to know techniques, but now any kid can do it on their phone. Maybe it was getting a little tired; you saw it so much. Maybe there is

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