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Missing the Royal Wedding mania? These 11 romantic movies …

The Royal Wedding is over, but the public’s love affair with the royal couple endures. Just today, the internet was busy decoding the new coat of arms for Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, to find any hidden romantic homages to Prince Harry.

Markle, the once-divorced 36-year-old biracial television star, seemed a modern-day Cinderella when she married Prince Harry of Wales — whom she met on a blind date and scolded for being 40 minutes late. Lifetime even made a TV movie about their romance. Their unconventional courtship, carried out in the public eye with an intense scrutiny on everything that made Markle a unique addition to Buckingham Palace, renewed the romantic notion that perseverance, a bit of luck, and belief in true love can lead to a fairytale ending.

Of course, it was Hollywood that perfected the fairytale ending. We’ve all seen the one about the improbable couple who get together after some hilarious hijinks. But, if you dig a little deeper, rom-coms and other tearjerkers can teach us serious (and sometimes silly) lessons about real-life love.

This week, the NewsHour staff joined three film and culture experts in sharing what they’d learned about love from romantic movies — from the necessity of friendship in a relationship to the imperfection of love.

My Best Friend’s Wedding” taught me that these movies are fantasies, modern-day fairytales. They’re not a guide for how to be a real person in the world. Throughout that movie, Julia Roberts’ character behaves like a rom com heroine. She lies, she sneaks around, she hurts the people around her — all in the name of love. It doesn’t work. She doesn’t get the guy — in fact, she nearly loses him for good and she’s held to account for all her unkind, unethical behavior, just

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