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Classical music ‘should learn from hip hop’ – BBC News –

Alex Ffrench and Childish Gambino

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Classical music suffers from a “sense of entitlement” and needs to learn lessons from other, more “provocative” genres, says composer Alexis Ffrench.

Ffrench (above left), who will perform at Wednesday night’s Classic Brits, says orchestras and musicians need to take more chances if the genre is to survive.

He cites Childish Gambino (above right) aka Donald Glover and Snoop Dogg as artists “doing daring things” that the classical world could emulate.

“I think we could perhaps borrow more from other art forms,” he argues.

“Often we can be complacent – and there’s a sense of entitlement about the art form, that it sits in the hierarchy above all other styles of music.

“I listen to a lot of RB and hip hop and then check out the videos. I see innovation and people pushing the envelope and doing daring things in the name of art, in a way that provokes thought.

“I wonder whether as classical musicians if we can do more on that front.”

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Now the pianist, an alumnus of the Royal Academy Of Music, has already made his own attempts to reach fans outside the traditional classical audience.

He is signed to Little

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