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E3: Nolan North wants to turn movies into video games

Amy Hennig and Nolan North pose with his BAFTA

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Former Naughty Dog creative director and writer, Amy Hennig, with Nolan North

Nolan North believes more movies should be turned into games.

The actor has voiced some of gaming’s most iconic characters, including most recently God of War’s Modi.

Few films are made into games aside from tie-ins like Harry Potter or Spider-Man, which North says is a shame.

“A video game is such an immersive experience,” he says. “It’s much more personal than anything you can go sit in a theatre and passively watch.”

Nolan, who’s also voiced Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and Assassin’s Creed’s Desmond Miles, was speaking to Newsbeat before receiving a BAFTA Special Award at E3 for “his outstanding contributions to games performance”.

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