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Full transcript: YouTube Music head Lyor Cohen on Recode Media

This week on Recode Media with Peter Kafka, YouTube global head of music Lyor Cohen talks up the launch of YouTube Music. He says giving consumers the choice of paying with money or “paying with your eyeballs” by watching ads is the right direction for the music industry and will liberate artists to make music on their own terms.

You can read some highlights from the interview here or listen to Recode Media on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Overcast or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Below, you’ll also find a lightly edited transcript of the full episode.

Peter Kafka: This is Recode Media with Peter Kafka, that’s me. I’m part of the Vox Media podcast network. I’m here at Vox Media headquarters in New York City. Before we start this special episode of Recode Media, one quick request:

Lyor Cohen: Yes.

If you like it, if you like hearing Lyor Cohen in the background, tell someone else about it. That’s all we ask.

No, tell a few people, not one person.

How many people … This is Lyor Cohen, king of promotion. Among other things.

You’re underselling yourself, Peter. You have a great podcast, everybody loves it, so sell it harder. At least bring a dozen friends. Do yourself a favor and turn on the Peter Kafka podcast. How do you …

Recode Media.

Recode Media. Why do you have to hide behind Recode Media? You’re the star.

Damn straight. I like this show, it’s getting better already. Lyor Cohen, music legend, hip-hop legend, record legend, global head of music at YouTube. Do I have your title right?

Well, yes.

You are here today for a special episode because you guys are rolling something out that we’ve been

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