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Kanye West wants his music in Deadpool

West, meet Wilson.

Despite working on five separate albums this year — including three already released (Pusha-T’s DAYTONA; his own disc Ye; and Kid Cudi collab Kids See Ghosts) — rapper and serial tweeter Kanye West has somehow found time to develop a deep-seated affection for the Deadpool movies.

On Twitter Tuesday, West fired off two tweets in which he declared his love for both movies (Deadpool 2 opened last month), commenting on how some of the music tracks within the movies sound quite similar to his own. As such, he wants in.

“I love both Deadpool movies… I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine,” he wrote. “Bro I would have cleared by music for Deadpool.”

He went on to praise the filmmakers, saying “your guys writing and approach is so innovative … I love how you guys break the 4th wall,” before adding that he’s “down to clear” his music for the next movie.

Far from being upset about the Deadpool movies using “tracks in it that sound similar to mine,” West is simply giving Deadpool 2 director David Leitch and star Ryan Reynolds — who plays Wade Wilson, a.k.a. the titular Merc with the Mouth — what they’ve so nakedly been craving all along: clearance to use his songs.

Reynolds, quite the Twitter personality himself, was quick to respond, agreeing

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