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Traditional TV rolls with the times, remains a viable entertainment channel to both viewers and advertisers

Maybe it’s nostalgia. Or the fact that I’m getting old. But despite all the alternatives, I don’t want traditional TV to go away.

Yes, I know that TV is just a screen and as such, it will never go out of fashion for advertisers who want to reach an audience. But ever since I learned that there was a bump in ad dollars headed to linear television in the wake of brands pulling programmatic digital advertising due to brand safety frustrations, I can’t get it out of my head that maybe linear TV — which for the purposes of this article includes live broadcast TV, cable and recorded versions of these — still has a future in our ever-expanding media mix.

Turns out there are others who are as optimistic as I am.

Tech has led TV’s evolution

Television has changed a lot since its humble beginnings as the late 1920’s emerging tech. From black-and-white to color, antenae to digital, tubes to LCD, TV has simply adapted to the times. So there’s no reason to fear it can’t withstand today’s challenges, which include a fractured and distracted audience, improved performance by competing content vehicles and measurement obstacles.

Still, Paul Lindstrom, head of research and analytics for Tunity, an app that allows users to scan a muted live TV and stream the audio directly to their device, says linear TV is here to stay.

“I don’t see any scenario where linear TV is going away,” Lindstrom said. “First, as long as there are live events there will be a need for linear TV. Linear TV (including linear streams of channels) allow[s] access to these events for everyone. Streaming as it exists now as an on-demand service inherently does not. Additionally, I think that there is a collective consciousness that thrives

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