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Harry Potter auction: How much are signed books worth?

Signed Harry Potter

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Signed Harry Potter books sell for thousands of pounds

A set of signed Harry Potter books is estimated to fetch between £9,000 and £15,000 at auction on Tuesday, but how valuable are signed books?

While visiting his parents, a writer finds a copy of one of his books in the local second-hand bookshop.

Amazingly, he finds he has already signed and inscribed it.

“To mum and dad,” the inscription reads.

But even though not everyone might treasure a signed book, enough people do to make it big business for both dealers and collectors alike.

“It’s about the author touching the book,” says Pom Harrington, a book dealer and collector of inscribed Roald Dahl books.

“It’s knowing they have held it in their hands, that they have blessed

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