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9 great movies that explain cinema’s fascination with New York women

It’s no secret to cinephiles that women’s stories have long been relegated to second-class status in Hollywood — either they’re considered “niche,” or they’re simply not told at all. To be sure, throughout the history of the movies, certain films from women’s perspectives have become hits and even classics. But the numbers don’t lie: The history of movies has largely been the history of men’s stories.

Fortunately, there are changes afoot. Though there’s still plenty of work to be done, the #TimesUp campaign, new women-led production companies, and other women-focused initiatives are encouraging equality all across the film industry.

And the way the film world is thinking about its history is changing, too. In New York City alone, the thriving repertory film scene has no fewer than four programs dedicated to films made by and about women, including one that centers on the work of female cinematographers, most of whom have gone largely unrecognized in the field. (Last year, Rachel Morrison became the first woman ever to be nominated for the Oscar in cinematography for Mudbound. She did not win.)

One program, held at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan’s East Village, is brimming with films focused on one topic: the “New York woman.”

“For this series, we exclusively selected films told from a female point of view; these are not movies where women are mere sidekicks or love interests, but the architects of their own narratives,” said the theater’s director of programming, C. Mason Wells. “One film that might spring to mind as a quintessential New York woman’s story is Annie Hall — until you remember that the entire movie is told from Alvy Singer’s eyes. We really tried to narrow the focus to films where

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