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The 12 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

We browsed for the good stuff so you don’t have to.

Netflix is a virtually endless gallery of cool movies and TV shows to watch, and an even more endless gallery of laughable bullshit that has absolutely no business attempting to entertain me or the people I care about. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve settled down with a friend/significant other/parent, wondered aloud “what’s on Netflix,” and spent the next 20 minutes scrolling through a buffet of choices before we unanimously make the decision to just fucking give up and watch the dinner party episode of The Office again instead.

So, with that said, we scoured the site for the 12 best sci-fi offerings on the platform right now, so you can skip the browsing screen and head straight for a good movie. You’re welcome.

Alex Garland’s (Annihilation) directorial debut is like a slow-burn noir movie only with sexy robots and a jacked, alcoholic Oscar Isaac. The three-hander between Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, and Alicia Vikander is played to perfection, and even by the end it’s so damn entertaining that the movie can’t be blames for not quite following through on all its varied, weighty themes.

Scarlett Johansson plays an otherworldly creature who drives around Scotland and seduces men for an initially unknown, then all-too-horrifying purpose. She’s had a few duds under her belt since, but this is a pitch-perfect movie and a singularly gorgeous yet grotesque horror movie.

Ur an engineer on the moon and this guy comes in and also he’s u wyd?

For those seeking a more refined, prestige sci-fi movie, The Road gives us a bleak post-apocalyptic world in which all the sci-fi stuff has already happened. The Road isn’t easy viewing, but it does feel essential viewing.

We talked at length about Netflix’s new

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