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Cinemark’s Movie Club is the anti-MoviePass

cinemark movie club
Late last year, Cinemark launched Movie Club.

MoviePass proved that film lovers are interested in a subscription service. But as that embattled company continues to experiment with its model, Cinemark thinks its rollover offer is the right monthly plan for film fans.

Late last year, Cinemark, the owner of nearly 550 theaters in the United States and Latin America, launched Movie Club. The subscription plan can be used at its more than 4,500 screens in the United States. The company also owns the Century, Tinseltown and Rave chains.

The service now has 350,000 members, which is more than double what it reported just three months ago.

Cinemark (CNK) CEO Mark Zoradi said in an interview with CNNMoney Wednesday that Movie Club offers a lot that you can’t get with MoviePass.

Its service gives members one ticket per month for $8.99. The tickets are for a standard movies and don’t include 3D or IMAX films.

But Movie Club members can roll over their unused tickets indefinitely. So if you don’t like summer blockbusters and only want to see Oscar contenders in the fall and winter, you can stockpile tickets for the end of the year.

“We’re targeting frequent movie goers, not the ultra movie goer who goes to the theater four to five times a month,” Zoradi said. “Most people go one to two times a month. That’s why we designed the program with a rollover so it’s not a use-it-or-lose-it proposition.”

Movie Club also lets members buy tickets for nonmembers at the $8.99 price. And there’s a 20% discount at the concession stand so you can get a bargain on popcorn and Junior Mints.


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