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All The ‘Predator’ Movies, Ranked

He’s tall, muscular, has great hair, and uses thermal imaging to track his prey. We didn’t say his name, but you thought of him: Predator. The humanoid alien who hit the big screen in the ‘80s has evolved into a beloved movie monster, and a pretty terrifying one, at that. As far as villainous aliens with a knack for hunting and killing humans for fun go, Predator absolutely owns.

The Predator movies are some of the most well-known sci-fi action movies, but science fiction has long been a popular genre across media platforms. Films, television series, literature, comic books, and video games have all cashed in on the sci-fi jackpot that attracts colonies of futuristic and intergalactic fanatics. Not that we’re complaining; where would society be without cult classics like Blade Runner, or devoted Trekkies, who basically invented an entirely new culture? Sci-fi lovers are a passionate lot, so it’s only natural that the movie Predator developed over three decades into a film franchise full of action, drama, and wondering what kind of workout plan an extraterrestrial is on to look like he should be competing in a strongman competition. The dude is an absolute unit.  

After an eight year hiatus, our favorite, most dangerous alien friend will come out of retirement in the series’ latest depiction, set to release next month. The Predator will star a gaggle of celebrities, including Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, and Jacob Tremblay, who will inevitably scream and run from the newly evolved homicidal species hell-bent on killing them. But we miss the old Predator; straight from the go Predator; chop up the soul Predator. So before we dawn our limited-edition, collectors item Predator helmets and pray to a higher power that Moviepass will still be viable on Sept. 14,

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