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14 New Books to Read in September

Fall is arriving, and with it, a new crop of must-read books. Plenty of the season’s highly-anticipated titles are coming out in September. So if you’re done with your beach reads (or even if you haven’t finished your summer reading list), make room on your shelf. Here are 14 top picks, from a buzzy magical realism debut to veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s headline-making investigation into President Donald Trump’s White House.

How Do We Look, Mary Beard (9/1)

Mary Beard, acclaimed author of SPQR and Women Power, challenges dominant narratives of the past. She showcases that talent in her latest book while tracing the history of art and how it relates to culture, religion and how we perceive ourselves. Beard expands her thinking beyond the Western canon, highlighting works of ancient Mesoamerican art, the terra-cotta warriors of China’s first emperor and calligraphy in Islamic mosques. But don’t let the breadth of the subject intimidate you: Beard’s sharp argument and the accompanying illustrations fit within a manageable 240 pages.

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Small Fry: A Memoir, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (9/4)

The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has inspired countless explorations of his life since his death, including biographies, biopics, podcasts, graphic novels and even operas. Never before, however, has there been such a complex portrait of Jobs as a parent. Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir made news this month for illuminating the contradictory, and at times unsavory, ways that Jobs acted

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