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Inside Time’s Up Entertainment’s Plan to Take on Sexism in Hollywood

Nithya Raman was named executive director of Time’s Up Entertainment in July. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. Raman was hired with such little fanfare that when, last month, journalists were asked to an off-the-record meet-and-greet with her at the office of Hollywood publicity firm Sunshine Sachs, many who received the invitation were unaware not just of Raman’s hiring but of the fact that Time’s Up had sprouted an entertainment-specific branch. In an industry where no new hire or venture is real unless accompanied by a host of trumpeting angels, such a quiet entrance is unusual.

But Raman is an unusual choice for an entertainment-industry job. An urban planner who spent most of her career in India advocating for slum dwellers to receive access to basic services, she spent the past three years in the Los Angeles mayor’s office working on homelessness initiatives. She is not of the business.

“There is a sense often in the entertainment industry that it is a very unique industry, that it is really different from others,” Raman says. “But for me coming from the background that I do, I feel a lot of the problems are really common.”

Raman describes Time’s Up Entertainment as an affiliate of the core Time’s Up organization — which was hastily formed early this year in the response to sexual assault and harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein and others in the film and television industries. Amid much buzz, a legal defense fund was launched in partnership with

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