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Taylor Swift Rules at the American Music Awards 2018: Look What You Made Her Do

What happened? Somehow the American Music Awards turned out to be bizarrely undisastrous this year. As cheesy award shows go, this one has always been on a sub-cheddar level, usually held back for the holiday season and usually totally ignored. But for some reason, the AMAs decided to be a big deal last night, packing the show with stellar performances, from Taylor to Cardi. They invited Khalid instead of Khaled. They did an Aretha Franklin tribute that focused on music instead of Madonna giving a speech. Tracee Ellis Ross hosted in style, wearing a series of outfits from black designers and doing a dance routine to a medley of hits from Cardi B, Childish Gambino, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Aretha. The whole show made you suspect they were actually trying to impress music fans — what a concept.

The night’s big winner: Taylor Swift, who announced last week she was going to perform “I Did Something Bad,” without revealing that she was going to spend the weekend in between urging people to vote Democrat in the midterms, inspiring thousands of citizens to register. Her political affiliations might come as no surprise to those of us who’ve actually listened to her music. (What, you never noticed the “boys and boys and girls and girls” lyrics of “Welcome to New York”?) But the controversy added extra spice to her already salt-intensive “I Did Something Bad.” She sang on a giant backdrop that resembled the Wu-Tang Clan logo, because Wu-Tay is for the children. She kept bringing the ruckus with a giant snake, and got bleeped for uttering the line “if a man talks shit, then I owe him nothing” — a timely sentiment, to say the least.

Swift spent the rest of the night

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