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The 10 Best ’70s Action Movies

The 10 Best '70s Action Movies

The 10 best ’70s action movies

Generally, when people think of action movies, certain images come to mind: a giant muscle-bound behemoth holding a giant machine gun in one hand, mowing down terrorists and avoiding enemy bullets. Or: an ex pop-star jumping through a CGI explosion on a motorcycle and landing on a moving train that turns into a robot. Many of these action movie conventions began in the ’80s and ’90s, but the preceding decade had already planted the seeds of modern cinematic action.

The action movies of the ’70s are far different than subsequent generations. They were all about building tension until a final cathartic burst of action. The emphasis wasn’t always on straight brawn; a hero had to be both physically and mentally tough. Or at least they had to be able to drive better than the bad guys.

Do you feel lucky? You should, because we’re looking at the most action packed films of the ’70s.

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

Assault on Precinct 13 is a thrill-a-minute Western-inspired action film from start to finish. It was written, directed, edited, and scored by John Carpenter. A cop, a secretary, and two criminals must band together to fight off a siege from a bloodthirsty street gang hell-bent on revenge. This one has a good slow burn, and when the stuff hits the fan, it hits hard. Brutal street warfare ensues and bullets fly. This same format of folks banding together in a “fortress” is one Carpenter would use again in his movies Prince of Darkness and Ghosts of Mars, but it’s never been as intense or creepy since this movie. Wonderful performances are given by the entire cast. There is also a moment that is still, to this day,

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