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The Best Movies Available In Hulu’s Annual Huluween Collection



As far as I’m concerned, the entire month of October is for watching horror movies and shows while building the perfect costume for Halloween. I’ve got most of my costume completed, so I’m concentrating on the task of watching movies. There are obviously a ton of streaming services that one can subscribe to and I have several of them right now. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and Hulu are my go-to apps on my Apple Television when I feel like watching something that isn’t YouTube. Every year Hulu gives us Huluween, breaking their more macabre movies and television shows into categories sure to delight all comfort levels with horror. The following are what I believe to be the best options available on the streaming service right now.


I obviously have a whole thing with the Saw franchise since I watched the six previous entries over the course of three days last year. This, the seventh in the series, sets everything up for a new trilogy involving forcing people to play games to save themselves from their shitty behaviors. It isn’t anything new and it is just as confusing on the first watch as every flick since the first one, but Jigsaw sticks to the formula that has always worked. The characters are all jerks and we’re just watching to see what inventive traps will be used and what twist is revealed in the final few minutes.

The Dark Half

This Stephen King adaptation stars Timothy Hutton as novelist Thad Beaumont. Thad writes under the pen name George Stark and has found great success with the alter ego. When he decides to symbolically bury Stark

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