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Does ‘A Star Is Born’ Hate Pop Music?

On the new episode of our podcast, Rolling Stone Music Now, we dig deep into the music movie of the year, A Star Is Born. To hear the entire discussion, press play below or download and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Will Lady Gaga win an Oscar for her revelatory performance, and what will she do next? Precisely how did alt-country become an arena-filling genre in the movie’s world? Did Bradley Cooper really learn to play guitar well enough to be a professional musician? How much of Cooper’s performance is based on his close study of Eddie Vedder? With its implication that Gaga’s character is selling out when she turns to danceable pop, is the movie’s message kind of… rockist? And how does Gaga feel about that?

Brittany Spanos and David Fear join host Brian Hiatt to discuss all these questions, as well as to dig into the wild history of the Star Is Born concept, from the awesomely titled 1932 film What Price Hollywood? to Barbra Streisand’s fantastically campy ’70s version.

Last week’s Rolling Stone Music Now episode centered around a chat with Phil Collins, conducted by Andy Greene:

Also check out this obsessively in-depth discussion of the birth of Britney Spears’ career, pegged to the recent 20th anniversary of her debut single, “…Baby One More Time”:

Download and subscribe to Rolling Stone Music Now, hosted by Brian Hiatt, on iTunes or Spotify, and tune in Fridays at 1 p.m. ET to hear the show broadcast live on Sirius XM’s Volume, channel 106.

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