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Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s 10 Favorite Books

Bookseller One Grand Books has asked celebrities to name the ten titles they’d take to a desert island, and they’ve shared the results with Vulture. Below is art curator and artistic director of London’s Serpentine Galleries Hans-Ulrich Obrist’s list.

emTrilogy/em by Friederike Mayröcker

At the age of 18, I made a pilgrimage to Vienna to meet the artist Maria Lassnig. I was fascinated by her amazing “body awareness” paintings. It was during this first meeting that she told me about the great Friederike Mayröcker, one of her favorite poets. Ever since, I have read every book Mayröcker has written, and my favorite is her recent Trilogy, and particularly the book Fleurs with all its amazing neologisms. To her, poems are like watercolors, while prose is like a stone sculpture. She now creates collages of the two, which she terms ‘proems.’

emSurge/em by Etel Adnan

The latest book by the great poet and artist Etel Adnan is a

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