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Tired of Trump books? A new wave of politicians could bring a fresh crop of titles.

Ron Charles November 7 at 5:05 PM

This week’s election will shake up the power structure in Washington. And if we’re lucky, it might do the same for our bookshelves.

Since the advent of President Donald Trump, the solar system of publishing has revolved around him — from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” to Bob Woodward’s “Fear” and a whole host of other titles caught in the gravitational pull of the president’s scandals and victories. We’ve enjoyed or endured memoirs by Trump’s former employees, his devoted sycophants and confirmed enemies. Books about Russian collusion, financial abusion and media delusion have dominated the bestseller list for many months.

But now the midterm elections offer the first real challenge to that obsessive focus on all things Trumpian.

Not only have the Democrats retaken the House — with promises to stop the Trump train in its tracks — but scores of fresh faces are about to arrive in Congress. Many of them have compelling stories to tell that have nothing to do with the world’s most famous reality-TV star. Literary agents and editors should be preparing a whole new slate of political memoirs and nonfiction books for a reading public eager for something different.

“Interest will be high among publishers for books by the young freshman women,” says David Kuhn of Aevitas Creative Management in New York. “One assumes their paths to success are both unusual and inspiring, and the inspiring story of someone from a marginalized community breaking into national politics is more exciting to publishers than a policy book.”

Ilhan Omar, for instance, will be one of the first Muslim women in Congress. A 37-year-old Democrat

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