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Jordan Peele’s Us, Miss Bala, and 8 More Movies We Can’t Wait to See This Winter

Ah, wintertime, when the habitual moviegoer can rationalize their sedentary lifestyle as a retreat from the weather outside that’s frightful. (At least until summer, when the excuse flips to A/C beating the heat.) From the tail end of the awards window to the no-man’s-land of the post-holiday season, the next few months will deliver a host of wondrous, strange, challenging pictures — and a live-action Dumbo remake courtesy of Tim Burton. To each their own, and you can find your own in Vulture’s comprehensive preview below:

Roma, November 21

Alfonso Cuarón’s long-in-development masterpiece (the only kind of movie he knows how to make) comes to theaters for a brief run before appearing on Netflix December 14, and if at all possible, that’s how you should see it. His loosely autobiographical account of two tumultuous years in the home shared by indigenous housekeeper Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio, a pillar of granite) and her Spanish-descended employer Sofia (Marina de Tavira) immerses the viewer in ’70s Mexico with crisp black-and-white photography. Through passages of delicate intimacy and titanically scaled surrealism, Cuarón locates a hard-won common ground bridging a racial divide while at the same time charting its limits.

The Favourite, November 23
It’s saying something that the most “mainstream” film from Greek imp Yorgos Lanthimos involves forced vomiting, duck races, bourgeois excesses, and the most unromantic hand job of the year. Royals relish the chance to behave a little badly in this satire of Queen Anne’s final days, as two of her courtiers (Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone)

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