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Music on TV is about connection and collective energy, and we need more of it

There was a moment in Missy Higgins Friends where I realised Missy Higgins had been a part of most of my adult life.

She was behind her piano singing ‘All For Believing’; the song that made the rest of us take notice. A song that to this day floors me with its complexity and depth. Years and many thousands of gigs later, the strength of her voice spoke to an adult life that had also been lived on stage.

Missy Higgins Double J ABC Ausmusic Month

Relive the stunning Missy Higgins Friends show right now

Missy Higgins, Peter Garrett, Gretta Ray, Dan Sultan and more joined forces to celebrate Ausmusic Month.

Missy Higgins Friends, a big event staged as a part of Ausmusic Month, tipped Higgins into icon status. Because that 90 minutes on screens in lounge rooms all over Australia – and laptop screens across the world – confirmed what we’d had an inkling of for a while: she is truly one of Australia’s great artists.

TV is funny that way. As someone who has lived her life largely evangelising about the songs I love on radio, it never fails to amaze me how differently that connection is felt when you can see and hear something beautiful. It connects in a different way.

It must be something about our senses and how we interpret the world; sizing up as much as we can through every possible avenue when the messages of these sonnets blast into our eyeline and wrap around our ears.

It’s seeing the kids that look like us reacting in real time to what’s happening in front of them.

I felt it again when the wail of Kasey Chambers stretched through the screen and grabbed

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