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Did Walt Disney’s Will Require His Company’s Movies to Be Remade Every 10 Years?

A November 2018 tweet by @Samanthapaigeu went viral for appearing to explain the Walt Disney Studios’ recent penchant for remaking classic Disney films. The tweet claimed that Walt Disney actually put a provision in his will required the company to remake its movies ever 10 years so that they could continually appeal to a new generation: “I was today years old when i found out that Walt Disney put in his will that all Disney classics are to be remade every 10 years, so each generation gets to enjoy them”:

The following day @Samanthapaigeu clarified that she wasn’t 100% sure if what she had posted was true. Still, this idea seemed to strike a chord with social media users, and it was shared as fact by thousands of people. 

The tweet, however, was not factually accurate.

For one thing, such a demand would have been highly atypical of Walt Disney, who greatly favored continual innovation over retreading the same entertainment ground. After Disney’s 1933 “Three Little Pigs” animated short grossed over ten times its production costs during its initial release, Walt reportedly rebuffed requests for more of the same by retorting, “You can’t top pigs with pigs.” (Although Walt did relent and produce several “Three Little Pigs” sequels, they were only moderately successful, and the experience cemented his resolve to pursue artistic risks rather than doggedly sticking with what had previously worked.)

Also, as we noted in a previous article about another unusual condition supposedly contained in Walt Disney’s will, Walt did not own Walt Disney Productions at the time of his death (he was a 14% shareholder), so he had no authority to dictate what that company could or

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