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The 10 Best Movies of 2018: K. Austin Collins’s List

A lie critics tell themselves too often is that a year in movies has been particularly good or especially bad. But this year, I’m echoing it as well: it was an unusually rich year for movies. Here are the very best of them. (For another view on 2018’s greatest films, read chief critic Richard Lawson’s own top 10 list here. For the best of 2018 in TV, read TV critic Sonia Saraiya’s top 10 list here.)

10. Sollers Point

Matthew Porterfield’s fourth feature is, like his previous work, a subtle, razor-sharp portrait of working-class Baltimore—this time told through the striking blue eyes of 24-year-old Keith (McCaul Lombardi, in a star-making performance), a small-time drug dealer consigned to nine months of house arrest. What unfolds is, in part, what you’d expect for a jobless, wandering hero with no immediate prospects. Working class but not working, Keith verges dangerously close to resuming that life of crime, ankle bracelet be damned. Rather than merely a tamped-down portrait of downtrodden white-guy criminality, however, what emerges from Porterfield’s extraordinarily poised study is a wide-angle, all-encompassing sense of community: of fractured social and personal ties reinforced by a sense of shared fate, geography, and broke-ness—but not brokenness. Minor characters are painted here with more detail and sympathy than the main characters in many other films. One of the great overlooked indie films of the year, and a testament to the enduring urgency of local, low-budget filmmaking.

9. First Man

First Man

With respect to A Star Is Born—the other major 2018 release that was originally slated to be directed by Clint Eastwood—this year’s best big-budget

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