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Will The FAANGS Finally Kill Off Television?

If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, well, it dropped.

That is the takeaway from finding out that Amazon (AMZN) is making a daredevil bid to pry away the last remaining crown jewels from the traditional television dinosaurs.

In the first round of bidding, Amazon has flexed its muscles and is going after live sports content which Disney (DIS) has limited time to sell off.

The package Amazon desires includes 22 regional sports TV networks that Disney must divest after acquiring Twenty-First Century Fox (FOX).

Professional sports leagues usually engage in auction-based models to sell programming rights.

This auction takes place every few years and has largely eluded the big tech firms.

This gives Amazon another chance to permanently crack the live sports market by buying up the sports networks themselves.

Amazon’s sports strategy is a work in progress.

It started when they introduced NFL’s Thursday Night Football to its prime members a few years ago.

Amazon followed that up by successfully bidding on a 20-match package of English Premier League matches in a 3-year deal thought to be around $135 million.

These games are free of charge if you are an Amazon prime member.

The amount was quite large considering Amazon only coughed off $50 million for 10 Thursday night games.

Even more intriguing is the possibility of Amazon’s digital ad business collaborating with the live sports content.

Professional sports would serve as the ideal platform to dish out targeted digital ads to its prime viewership, and nobody has better sets of data to place the right products in

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