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10 worst movies of 2018

Most years, I come to the end of our 12 months together in filmdom and end up picking a smallish, nearly flawless picture for my No.1 slot. Then there’s a larger, more expansive, more obviously imperfect No. 2. This year, “The Rider,” “Roma,” #2.” See?

“Worst” lists are different. I don’t seem to veer in a particular direction for those, though nothing stings like a terrible comedy. Then again, at this point in the Marvel and DC superhero cycles (three clicks past the rinse cycle, and one click the right of “enough already”), there’s something especially grinding about a franchise product rollout that holds next to nothing for you, personally. It’s all personal, of course. Criticism is subjectivity, not objectivity.

With this exception: These 10 films really were the stinkin’ worst.

10. “Red Sparrow.” A lugubrious semester spent in what Jennifer Lawrence’s Mata Hari knockoff describes as “whore school.”

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