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All the Hollywood movies filmed in Massachusetts this fall

Just call it Hub-ywood.

Everywhere you look this fall, it seems like a movie is filming in Massachusetts. The most obvious has been “Little Women,” if only because of the authentic 19th-century wardrobes and horse-drawn carriages. But the state has had at least 10 movies in production this calendar year, with more popping up in the news on a seemingly monthly basis.

In remarks at the Mass Media Expo last month, Massachusetts Film Office director Lisa Strout credited a number of factors as contributing to the film industry’s “growth spurt” in the state, including the local filming of television shows like “Castle Rock” and “SMILF.”

“Overall, I believe there are two words that describe our current production environment: stability and growth,” Strout said. “We have been extremely fortunate to have worked off of a stable platform for a couple of years now. And that stability has brought confidence, and the confidence has brought long-form content as well as small-to-large features, which in turn has led us to a growth spurt.”

Here’s a list of all of the movies (and one series) we know about that have filmed in the state recently, including a number that are still in production right now.


Jessica Chastain in “Eve.” —Voltage Pictures

In her Mass Media Expo speech, Strout highlighted the number of movies shot in Massachusetts featuring women filmmakers or in major roles. That includes “Eve,” an action thriller starring Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”) as “a black ops assassin who is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong,” according to Voltage Pictures.

The movie, which also features Colin Farrell (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”), Common (“Suicide Squad”), John Malkovich (“Being John Malkovich”), and Wareham native Geena Davis (“A League of Their Own”),

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