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Culture & Entertainment Notebook: Black, white and Christmas red all over

Within the walls of a quiet, unassuming home in Cape Girardeau are six uniquely ornate, full-size Christmas trees — and 213 penguins.

Micheal King takes on the role of Christmas decorator every year around Nov. 1. His wife, Alicia, doesn’t like the in-progress “mess,” but appreciates the finished product, he said.

Aside from the holiday decorations, the basement is where his extensive penguin collection resides and is where it “gets fun,” he said.

King’s office stores a gathering of all shapes and sizes of penguins, combined with his already extensive Funko Pop! compilation.

His penguin collection — some Christmas themed — which started when King was 15, includes: McDonald’s toys, Marvel, glass, crystal, feathered, boxes, felt, stockings, handmade stained glass, yard ornaments, snow globes, notebooks, candy jars, stuffed, blankets, flags, super hero, ice box, cookie jars, cups, posters and a penguin costume.

One of King’s favorite penguin-themed items is a glass ornament, given to him by his boss.

“We were on a trip, I saw it and liked it, and she gave it to me at Christmas,” he said. “I didn’t even know she got it.”

King said he collects penguins, because the male penguin watches the female’s egg while the mother is gone, which symbolizes a special bond within his family.

“It’s just become an animal that I enjoy being around and learning more about,” King said. “Any time I get a chance to go see penguins, I’ll go see penguins.”

Since the penguins possess a year-round wintertime theme, the Kings also display multiple Christmas trees throughout the home during the weeks leading up to Christmas, to accompany.


A Harry Potter DVD is seen resting in a movie-themed Christmas tree in the basement of Michael King’s house Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018,

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