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‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Is a Perfect Spider-Man Movie

Thanos killed half the universe this past summer, and it was awful. The good news is that he used a magical gold glove to do it, so for the good guys, restoring reality to working order this coming summer will be pretty straightforward. Peter B. Parker (a delightfully fried Jake Johnson), the most slovenly and exhausted of six Spider-Man characters in the new animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, would call this magical gold glove a “goober.”

There is always a “goober”—a thumb drive, a launch code, a scientific field’s foremost expert—that can repel or neutralize the existential threat, which is another thing that comes standard in comic book films. These movies proceed in such a tidy fashion that Parker even predicts to his protégé Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) a specific line of dialogue. It’s the one that usually pops up right before a henchman fails a supervillain for the last time. “Watch this … he’s gonna say: You have 24 hours,” Parker tells Morales. This gets big laughs because hey, I mean, it’s really funny.

Into the Spider-Verse is concerned with the state of the comic book movie like most comic book movies sort of have to be now, but not overly concerned, because they’re comic book movies, which are fun and largely harmless. This is one of many qualities that make Into the Spider-Verse, pretty comfortably, one of the best animated features of the year, and it’s not much of a stretch to crown it as one of the best superhero movies ever made, full stop. Here’s a brief synopsis of the plot: Kingpin, motivated by personal loss, funds the construction of a super collider so he can yank his dead wife and child back from the ether. This will also create a black hole under

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