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The Best Movies I Watched in 2018

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

It’s that time of the year, when I even out my absolute hatred of everything 2018 with some stuff that I loved. It’s not much, but throughout the year I had the blessings of catching some early and late movies that changed the way I viewed things, like in the case of Annihilation and If Beale Street Could Talk. Others simply had the benefit of appealing to the nostalgic side of me, like Creed II and Halloween. Now note, there are quite a few films I didn’t have the opportunity to watch because I don’t always gravitate toward that popular (good) shit. But either way, I hope that I’ve made the point that critics like myself aren’t all soulless bastards looking to roast every damn thing for roasting’s sake. We can learn to love sometimes.

Here are the movies that I loved in 2018.

Black Panther

Has there ever been a movie that compelled you to recite the entirety of “Lift Every Voice and Sing?” Has there been a movie that made you cry during the credits? Did the combined spirits of Malcolm X and Rosa Parks drift down from the heavens and cry right there with you? Did you fist bump Malcolm’s ghost before planning that trip to Africa shortly after? Before you remember your journalist’s salary means you’re too broke to do that? Did it change your outlook on life?

While I can admit publicly that every single one of those events happened, I won’t. What I will say though, is that I never felt greater to be black in watching Black Panther. For deeper details read this, but for the skinny, there was just something about sitting in

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