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Grieving parents talk immigration on national television

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — Knoxville Fire Department Captain D.J. Corcoran and his wife, Wendy, appeared on Fox News on the Hannity Show to discuss the death of their son, Pierce, who was killed in a crash on Chapman Highway. The other driver in that crash, Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo, is now in I.C.E custody.

Wendy and D.J. Corcoran, courtesy of Fox News.

It isn’t publicly known why U.S. Immigration officials are holding him and WVLT’s requests for information have not been returned.

The couple spoke with Hannity as part of a conversation about the country’s immigration situation.

“The president says this is a national emergency. Do you agree with him?” Hannity asks?

“Yes,” Wendy said, “I think we aren’t taking it seriously enough.”

“The man [Francisco-Eduardo] that was negligent in this case, he didn’t abide by the same responsibilities as our son did,” she continued.

“He made no attempt at all to become a legal, law abiding citizen,” D.J. said.

“Our son’s life meant something, and our government makes it feel as though it didn’t,” Wendy Corcoran said.

The Corcorans remained in Knoxville for the interview. The University of Tennessee hosted.

WVLT News attended the interview and spoke with the couple after.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s like a gut punch that just keeps coming,” D.J. Corcoran said. “Had this person not been here illegally — we can’t help but to think this might not have happened.”

Pierce was a sports lover. His parents said he was an avid golfer and tennis player. He also wrote in his journal daily. D.J. and Wendy said his final entry read ‘my actions matter’.

“You can’t bring someone back, but you can take responsibility for your actions,” Wendy Corcoran said. “The one person not taking responsibility

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