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From Pop to Trap Corridos: What to Expect in Latin Music During 2019

During the past two years, global awareness and consumption of Latin music in Spanish has grown enormously, fueled by streaming platforms that have allowed the music to travel like never before. But what does 2019 hold in store?

Billboard Latin editors have created a wish list anticipating what may or will happen musically during the new year. Check it out below.

Leila Cobo: More [new] pop, rock and everything in between. Don’t get us wrong: we love reggaetón. We’ve also grown to love trap. And, man, do we ever love seeing Latin music top global charts. Now, let’s use that open door to usher in an even greater variety of Latin music. Netflix has already made a nod toward great Latin melodies and rhythms via a wide range of series — from Narcos to Casa de las Flores — that celebrate music of all genres and stripes. Our challenge is to not look at pop as vintage, but contemporary; made not only by icons, but also by a slew of great songcrafters and interpreters, from Kany Garcia and Mon Laferte to Vicente Garcia and Christian Nodal.

Judy Cantor-Navas: With Netflix broadening its international content offerings and the recent response to Roma, Casa de Papel (Money Heist) and other Spanish-language films and shows, the streaming platform is becoming an important source of revenue and promotion for diverse Latin artists and composers who are reaching new audiences through Netflix productions’ soundtracks. Expect to hear a lot more Latin music on Netflix in 2019, and for other platforms to follow suit with more Spanish-language and Latinx-focused programming — and corresponding soundtrack opportunities.

Jessica Roiz: The Regional Mexican and Urban scenes are two of the strongest scenes in the Latin music industry. Also, considering that collaborations were a big deal in 2018, a fusion between both genres would be something I’d

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