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Letters: We’re independent. We sell books. We’re right here on Grand Avenue

We read your article about the sale of Common Good Books, and we’d like to assuage any fears that Grand Avenue could be without an independent bookstore. We’re still here.

Red Balloon Bookshop is an independent bookstore that has been on Grand Avenue for 35 years. We expect to continue selling books, hosting events, and celebrating stories and reading with readers of all ages for many years to come! While we specialize in books and events for young readers and teens, we carry books for all ages, even grown-ups.

Grand Avenue has always been, and still is, a wonderful place for indie bookstores. Common Good Books and Sixth Chamber have been great neighbors of ours for many years. We hope the right buyer comes along for Common Good Books.

Happy reading!

Holly Weinkauf and the book sellers at Red Balloon Book Shop, St. Paul
Weinkauf is owner of Red Balloon.

Not for all

Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker gives evidence that “Life has gotten longer, healthier, safer, etc.” This is not true for the over 60 million babies aborted in America since the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973.

Bill Turley, St. Paul

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