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Why ‘Quantico’ Star Aaron Diaz Is Returning To Spanish-Language Television

First look at Aaron Diaz as Ricardo Calderon in “Betty En NY”Photo: Telemundo

Aaron Diaz knows a good role when he sees one.

Which is why he’s returning to Spanish-language television to play Ricardo Calderon in Telemundo’s Betty En NY, a reimagining of Yo Soy Betty, la fea (Ugly Betty), after the cancellation of ABC’s Quantico in May.

Calderon is Vice President of Business Development at VM Fashion and is described as judgmental and superficial. His main goals in life are to bed beautiful women, adding them to his long list of conquests. Things get complicated for him, however, once Betty (played by newcomer Elyfer Torres) joins the company.

The Mexican-born actor admits he’s excited to return to his roots, especially since the “bad guy” role was too exciting to turn down.

“Ricardo manipulates everybody,” Diaz said about his vain and metrosexual character on Betty En NY. “There’s no other way for me to describe him than by saying he’s a total asshole. He gets away with a lot at work because he’s best friends with the owner. He’s a master manipulator and it’s been a really fun role to portray.”

Diaz admits it’s the right time to bring to light the “Ricardo Calderons” in the corporate world, especially during the #MeToo” era. Calderon has a lot to learn, and hopefully by the end of the scripted series he will have changed his ways.

Aaron Diaz poses in the office of VR Fashion on the set of “Betty En NY”Photo Courtesy of Rosy Cordero

“This character is a little tricky because we’re living in an era where a lot of things are delicate,” the father-of-two explained. “There’s a lot of stuff that he does and says that is not correct. So what do you do? You have to go all out and show he’s kind of a cliche, almost. Everyone

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