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Why So Many Feminist-Leaning Movies Now? Maybe Because It’s Time

Call it a pink wave if you must. But there’s no denying that a bunch of feminist-leaning movies are vying for Hollywood’s biggest trophies this awards season.

From animated superhero mom Elastigirl, leaving her husband and kids behind to fight crime in “Incredibles 2,” to a flame-haired Saoirse Ronan leading troops into battle in “Mary Queen of Scots,” a gender-bending Rachel Weisz in “The Favourite” and a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg finding her legal voice in “On the Basis of Sex,” female characters are assuming traditionally male roles on the big screen while contemporary counterparts battle for parity in Hollywood and beyond under the Time’s Up movement.

Even Nicole Kidman’s hollow-eyed detective flips the script on Hollywood gender norms in “Destroyer,” which unravels her troubled past and violent actions rather than those of yet another complicated man.

Although the underlying feminist politics in these movies — intentional or not — seem entirely of the moment, their concurrent arrival owes more to the vagaries of movie production than the galvanizing forces of #MeToo or Donald Trump. They gestated between eight to 20 years.

“I think in particular my film is very much a rallying cry,” says “On the Basis of Sex” director Mimi Leder, whose film centers on Ginsburg’s fight to overturn gender-based discrimination during the 1970s, when it was deeply encoded in our nation’s laws. “A lot has changed, but we still have a

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